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EGODRIFT's Hajime Factory Emblem Motor

Birth of the Hajime Factory emblem motor of one of the world's most famous motor companies, EGODRIFT!

EGODRIFT Motor is one of the few motor manufacturers in the world that produces motors specifically for scale.

EGODRIFT motors are one of the few scale motor manufacturers in the world, and of course, they develop and manufacture many high performance motors such as 450-800 size motors, F3C motors and 3D motors.

EGODRIFT is a group of motor professionals who also develop and manufacture the large special motors needed to convert turbine helicopters such as Vario's into electric ones. That is "EGODRIFT".

The EGODRIFT motor has been developed and tested by expert motor builders and world championship pilots.

The performance and quality of the motors have been proven by many helicopter pilots and have achieved excellent results in many competitions.

We also sponsor and participate in many helicopter events and have many fans around the world as a brand.

We are not just a motor company, but a brand company with many teams and fans around the world.

EGODRIFT motors are hand wound to perfection by experienced motor winding experts, and individually balanced and tested on motor balancing machines and multi-rotor brushless motor test equipment.

Only the highest quality materials and machines (Japanese 5-axis Tsugami CNC routers) are used in the production of high performance motors, which are checked by strict quality control before leaving the factory.

We are a group of motor professionals who also develop and manufacture large special motors!

It's big! Too big!

Large jet-turbine helicopters such as the Veio have recently been converted to electric power, and more and more pilots are using the "EGODRIFT" motor as the heart of the drive unit, and we have received many comments that they are satisfied with its performance in terms of power, torque, and heat generation.

What impressed HAJIME-FACTORY the most in our interaction with Vincent, CEO of EGODRIFT, was his philosophy on product development and manufacturing!

We have been in contact with Vincent and his philosophy is in line with HAJIME-FACTORY's philosophy.

Vincent's favorite Japanese word is "kaizen.

Vincent's favorite word in Japanese is "kaizen", which means to change something to make it more desirable or desirable, and to make creative efforts to do so!

He is "proud" of his brand of motor manufacturing, and has "passion", "commitment", and above all, "philosophy".

This philosophy and commitment can be seen in the packaging and motor design.

The design of a motor is the most important symbol and face of a manufacturer.

We are very grateful to be able to manufacture and supply such a design with the HAJIME-FACTORY log mark.

Moreover, the markings on the bottom of this motor are not printed, but laser engraved.

The HAJIME FACTORY EMBLEM MOTOR will be specially manufactured and presented to us, and will also be manufactured and sold to HAJIME-FACTORY FAN members.

We can provide HAJIME-FACTORY motors for all the motors sold at EGODRIFT.

For more information about the motor, please visit the EGODRIFT website.

If you are unsure about motor selection, please contact us with the details of your helicopter, such as make, model, size, and type.

If you have any questions about HAJIME-FACTORY, please feel free to contact Vincent directly.

For orders and consultations, please contact us through the contact form on the HAJIME-FACTORY website.

There is also a Facebook page for EGODRIFT. Click on the photo to go to Facebook.

There is also a Facebook group for "EGODRIFT".

Click on the photo to go to Facebook.

If you are on Facebook, please take a look!

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