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Here is the data from my test flight of the EGODRIFT MOTOR the day before yesterday (Nov. 25, 2021). This is the data from the article I posted on Facebook earlier.

Flight data is only a guide.

With RC helicopters, the most important thing is to feel the helicopter with your own hands.

The most important thing is to feel the performance, power and torque of the motor, and whether it is easy to fly and control.

This is not something that can be obtained from data.

The most important thing is the feeling.

This data is during the setting of the transmitter's pitch (blade angle) and throttle (RPM).

Mechanics is a special type of mechanics for scale helicopters. They are different from normal RC helicopters. Therefore, the motors need more torque.


Phoenix Edge 160A OPTO

Rotor blade: Length 795mm Width 60mm

Outside temperature: 16°C

This is the data for the Castle Link.

Here's a brief explanation.

(1) is hovering for 3 minutes while adjusting pitch and throttle.

(2) is the data after flying for 3 minutes.

(3) is the data that I enjoyed flying for 4 minutes regardless of the test.

Motor temperature and remaining battery power.

(5) in the photo of the transmitter is the total time since the throttle was raised (countdown system with a 10-minute timer)

(6) is the total time since the ID-1 was turned on, which is the actual flight time. (Normal count up)

Motor temperature and remaining battery power after hovering EGODRIFT and ALIGN motors for 3 minutes each.

This is the data after about 10 minutes of total flight.

(5) is the total time after throttle up (10 minutes) - 1 minute 50 seconds, so 11 minutes 50 seconds after throttle up.

(6) is the total time since the ID-1 was turned on, 10 minutes and 18 seconds, which means the actual flight time is about 10 minutes.

Motor temperature and battery level after 10 minutes of flying

First, here is the data for Mechanics being adjusted.

Motor temperature, flight time (fuel consumption), RPM and RPM amperage are important, but more important is whether you enjoy flying it, whether you are satisfied, and whether it feels good.

I could feel the greatness of the EGODRIFT 4525HS 470KV in my fingers.

The stability of hovering, the ease of turning, and the persistence (torque) when descending from the sky at 45 degrees while slowly grasping the wind, I felt firsthand the performance that no other motor has.

I'm looking forward to the next flight and can't wait to fly it in a scale helicopter mounted on the fuselage!

If you translate Japanese into English automatically, the meaning will change slightly.

Therefore, I have translated the English pages to convey the meaning and content I want to convey.

However, the English translation is not perfect either😅😅😅

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