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Welcome! To Hajime Factory!
For non-Japanese

Thank you for many messages.

we’re making customized RC helicopters as a professional in Japan.
Our work is finished from custom production to flying state.
Our customers are airmakers, aircraft affiliates, film companies, general customers.

We are selling only cusom-made helicopters.There is so many inquiries about selling scale helicopter kits, but we’re afraid, we don’t have any scale helicopter kits.
We’re uploading pictures of helicopters for our customers on our home page.Those pictures are full-custom-made helicopters which’s we’re working on.
We’re making scale helicopters after we talked with our customers about desire to do and price.Production prices are different in custom contents of each helicopters.

Plural damage reports of custom build RC scale helicopter are put about the shipment to the foreign countries. We stop the request from the foreign countries at one time until the packing method is settled.
I'm so sorry

I'm not good at English, so I'm using a software for translation to e-mail or chat. so I'm sorry if it is difficult for you to understand my English.
I'm so sorry that I sometimes don't understand conversation or it takes time.

Best regards.

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